Wednesday, January 28, 2009

ABC Wednesday-B

B is for Bronze pouring.
This picture is of a bronze pouring at Shidoni Foundry a few miles west of Santa Fe, New Mexico.  The Shidoni Foundry has a great gallery and two large fields of metal statuary.  Bronze pours occur every Saturday afternoon, viewers welcome. This is my second post to the ABC Wednesday group.


  1. Looks very very hot - welcome to ABC Wednesday ..

    Like your photo of the adobe house ..

  2. I missed a chance to go there - hope I get a second one....great photo!

  3. Heavens, that looks HOT!!

    I've visited a glass-blowing factory and watched molten glass being handled, and thought the same thing. How do people work in such heat?

  4. Very original choice for the letter B. I bet that was fascinating.